Sobre Rojo (Episode 1): Ang Balita ni Tiya Olga

Brilliant adaptation of the Sarah Waters’ “Fingersmith” in Filipino ///

Ang T-Bird ay Ako

Disclaimer: I apologize for any mistakes regarding the history. I will try my best to remember my History of the Philippines classes and be accurate.  I’m writing this story with the thought that my twelve-year old self would delight at finding something like this on the internet. Having said that, I write what I want to read. I hope you would love to read this story as well. Admittedly, there are not much lesbian-themed stories written in Filipino, at least from my internet searches. I offer this so that the search for such stories would not be as frustrating as before, especially for young Filipina lesbians and bisexuals, or those just starting to discover themselves.

I apologize for the grammatical errors as well. I have a particular difficulty with ‘ng’ and ‘nang’ , I promise to improve in time. I hope you enjoy the story and I would love to…

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