Distance Doesn’t Matter, I Still Think About You All Day Long

this speaks to me, more than i’ll ever admit..

Thought Catalog


I never thought I’d say “yes” to a long-distance relationship, but when you cupped my face and said sweetly, “I really don’t want to break up,” I knew I was going to agree to anything you asked. I didn’t want to break up either. It seems painful to end a relationship, not because you’ve fallen out of love or done something unforgivable, but solely because your bodies are not in the same location. Our hearts are in this, I thought. We can do it.

But it’s hard. For many reasons. When we were together all the time, I thought about you in a warm, pleasant way but with no urgency. I knew I’d see you soon. Now that it’s never quite guaranteed, I’ve started being unable to think about anything else. You invade my thoughts and color everything. I’ve become desperate.

I thought maybe after we were forced to…

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