17 Things That Happen When You Have Zero Flirting Game

15. On more than one occasion, you’ve watched a friend successfully flirt with someone, and wanted to scream, “HOW DO YOU DO THAT???” But then an attractive person smiles at you and jasdfaiufnkasdjnf what are words.

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Buffy The Vampire SlayerBuffy The Vampire Slayer

1. When you’re trying to flirt with someone, you’ll attempt to relate to the other person by expressing interest in their interests and end up losing a bit of yourself in the process. Oh, yes I love sportz! Like football, and basketball, and baseball, all of the above! My favorite part is when they score baskets!

2. As a result, you try and show more of your personality, end up overcompensating, and still don’t give an accurate representation of yourself. Yes, I have seen the Lord of the Rings films. In fact, I can speak the Elvish Sindarin fairly well, and I know some phrases of the Black Speech, but I think we both know it’s a bad idea for me to utter those…

3. Any movements you make while flirting seem jerky and unnatural, because you meticulously thought out every joint movement in your head…

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