The One Technique To Determine Who Should Be In Your Scene

This is brilliant.

Thought Catalog

Flickr / The FalcondaleFlickr / The Falcondale

I want to be under water and float and not move.

I love that feeling. Water completely surrounding me, I make every part of my body go limp. Thoughts rise up and create little thought bubbles above me on the surface.

I don’t like to think too hard. When I float, I enjoy thinking of nothing.

Outsource my thoughts to the air. To future breaths.

Asking for advice is like outsourcing your thoughts. “Asking for advice” seems weak.

But it’s actually the most powerful tool in your arsenal as a creative, an entrepreneur, a friend, a lover, a fighter.

Advice is the world in another person’s eyes. What a beautiful thing to see through everyone else’s eyes.

I was talking to Mark Ford the other day. He’s helped build over 100 different businesses. Maybe more. When you create wealth for so many people you lose track.

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