22 Times She Really Liked You And Then You Blew It

errr…guilty :/

Thought Catalog

1. When you went from planning and being decisive, to being flaky, indecisive and incapable of making up your mind. Even if it was just a small lapse, if it lasted long enough it sends mixed messages and she’ll be done with you before you have a chance to come back from it.

2. Asking straight out if you’re going to have sex three minutes into the hook up. There’s no better way to kill a great first night together than jumping the gun and asking if you’re going to get laid.

3. When you’re flirting with her at a party, it’s going really well, and then it becomes clear that you’re speaking directly to her boobs as you get progressively more inebriated.

4. Anytime you invite yourself up to her apartment. If she wants you to come in, she’ll say so.

5. If you decline her invitation up to…

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